What We Offer

We strive to build a stronger community by creating programs focused on maternal health - because we believe Mom is the heart of any home.

A QueenCare Kit makes the perfect baby shower gift and is filled to the brim with pharmacy essentials any woman would need to care for herself during postpartum, as well as beautiful locally-made gifts to encourage rest, recovery and self-care.

Find a Kit for Home or Hospital Birth!

Prenatal Education with QueenCare provides insights and strategies on managing through labour, and how to maintain health for both Mom & Baby during those early postpartum weeks.

Better Together is a safe space for Moms to share the ups and downs of Motherhood, meet new friends, and get connected with local supports.

Meeting every Wednesday morning at the Brockville Public Library!

Postpartum Home Support is truly the heart and passion of QueenCare. Get real hands-on help in the home with cooking, cleaning, and care for both Mom & Baby.

Our Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support team is made up of Melissa Foley, from Healing Loading and Tara Kelly, Co-Chair of the Brockville Butterfly Run & PAIL Network Volunteer.
Together we provide our community with:
- workshops for workplaces on how to best care for a colleague who has experienced pregnancy/infant loss

- one:one support for individuals walking with a friend or family member through loss
- care kits to support a woman through loss

- monthly Peer Support for bereaved parents

- in-home postpartum support for Mom & family