Meet Colleen!

For six years Colleen has dreamed of creating a company where gifting and caring go hand-in-hand. Her life-long passions have been to care for others through personal gifts and acts of service, and to uplift women in both small business and motherhood. Being both humble and helpful, Colleen (aka: Momma Coll) is definitely someone you want on your team!

At QueenCare Colleen is both the visionary and the heart behind what we do, and more importantly, behind why we do it. She is that bright light in the room holding someone else’s baby, lending a helping hand (or two!), and never missing an opportunity to cheer you on. With 10 years of nursing experience within the Midwifery world, and 23 years of hard-earned mothering experience, Colleen has a unique and practical insight on how we can better support women through the transition into Motherhood, and the determination to see it happen!

Meet Pipsy!

Postpartum depression survivor, little-one chaser, “Help-me-Jesus!” pray-er, would just about sum it up. But here’s a little more - calm and steady on the outside, critical and strong-willed on the inside, Pipsy has a fire for women’s health and deep gratitude for those who have gone ahead of her in the legacy of motherhood.

At QueenCare you’ll catch her behind the scenes, crunching numbers, writing emails, asking the real questions, and maybe even scrubbing a toilet or two. If you ask her, she’d say that she is honoured to serve the women in her community.

Our team is small, determined, and has been made resilient by the experiences that can only come through the wild adventure of raising children.

It is our desire to educate, equip and encourage women in their own version of this shared experience.

Who We Are

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