Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support

Our Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support team is made up of Melissa Foley, from Healing Loading and Tara Kelly, Co-Chair of the Brockville Butterfly Run & PAIL Network Volunteer.

Together we provide our community with:
- workshops for workplaces on how to best care for a colleague who has experienced pregnancy/infant loss

- one:one support for individuals walking with a friend or family member through loss
- care kits to support a woman through loss

- monthly Peer Support for bereaved parents

- in-home postpartum support for Mom & family

Peer Support for Pregnancy & Infant Loss is for families who have experienced loss at any stage, and provides a compassionate and understanding environment where individuals can share and find comfort in the company of others who have walked a similar path.

This is a free and safe space to find both professional guidance and the support of peers.

Together, we strive to create a supportive community that acknowledges the profound impact of loss, while offering resources and empathy to those navigating the complex emotions associated with such challenges.

Facilitated by Melissa, from Healing Loading, and hosted in partnership by QueenCare and The Brockville Public Library.

Held monthly, on the last Tuesday of the month.

7:30pm-9pm @ The Brockville Public Library (23 Buell St.)

Peer Support

Meet Melissa

My name is Melissa Foley (she/her), I am a trauma-informed certified Pregnancy & Infant Loss Coach, the owner of Healing Loading and Lachlan's Light Canada. I have worked in a Justice related career for the last 10 years and have found my real purpose through supporting and empowering bereaved parents to speak their truth knowing this journey is lifelong and that they can move forward while carrying that with them.

In 2016 our life was forever changed when I had to deliver our son, Lachlan, silently into the world at 33 week gestation, only to say hello and goodbye in a single moment. I continue to navigate this journey, openly grieving alongside mothering all of my children, 2 here on earth and 1 in the stars.

If you are reading this and you find yourself navigating through this torrential storm of living life after any type of pregnancy or infant loss, whether early in the journey or years from that initial point, navigating pregnancy after loss, parenting after loss and anywhere in between, I would be honored to support and partner alongside you in navigating this path forward.

Contact Melissa at:

Meet Tara

After her close family members experienced a tragic loss in 2017, Tara witnessed first-hand how when people want to console someone who is grieving, their instinctual response can often end up adding to an individual’s pain rather than helping them.

Through this experience, Tara developed a skill and passion for helping others navigate caring for and supporting a person who has experienced a loss.

She has since become the co-chair of the Brockville Butterfly Run, a PAIL Network Volunteer and collaborated with QueenCare and Healing Loading to develop a network of care for anyone who might need guidance and help in supporting their loved ones, as well as peer support workshops on how to best show up for others.